At Full Time Lives we help people build meaningful, active and happy lives after full-time work.


How we work with companies

We work with companies that care about the holistic needs of their mature employees or customers. We help businesses engage more closely with the growing and dynamic ageing population, better positioning themselves for future growth.

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Are you ready for life after full-time work?

Whether to leave your full-time job is one of the biggest decisions we make in life. Sometimes people move to another, similar role, sometimes they build a new life or career, at other times people make the big decision to stop paid work entirely. Whatever you choose it’s a big change which should be thought through thoroughly.

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What our customers think…


“Great content for all ages. Food for thought and has triggered ideas going forward for personal growth and development”.

- Nicky Orth, Sydney University

“Thinking about these ideas early in life can set us up for success”.

- Michael Sharman, Learnosity

“Made me think about myself, what I value and makes me fulfilled”.

- Ron Day

“Excellent, challenging and thought-provoking. Liked the group discussions”.

- Mareo Del Din, Littlewoods Services

“Great discussion, brainstorming and thought process that opens your mind”.

- Jackie Symons

“Good process for those thinking about or in transition”.

- Jack Flanagan, CPA member