We help people build meaningful, active and happy lives after full time work.

Some people call it retirement, we call it Full Time Living.

Whatever you call the time when you leave full time work, why is so little support available? School leavers get career counselling and new parents are inundated with advice. Why then, when you make one of your biggest life and career changes, are you pretty much left to fend for yourself?

Yes, there’s lots of financial advice available. But there’s very little support available to help you build the life you really want. Not any more. Full Time Lives exists to help those people that decide to leave full time work and build meaningful, active, happy lives. Some people in our community have stopped work completely (sometimes called retirement) others are moving to part time, or building new lives without a full time job as an anchor.

We help people with all of the non-financial aspects. Everything that leads to a fulfilling, happy, healthy life.

Purpose and community are key

We have identified five key ingredients which all of our research has identified as crucial to a long and happy life. You can read more about this in our approach, but in brief the five key ingredients are purpose, community, vitality, money and brain. All of these are important, but the ones which seem to be pivotal to the rest are purpose and community, and they also seem to be the hardest to get right by yourself. So that’s where we focus most of our work.

Making a successful mid-to-late career transition to retirement (or a Full Time Life)  

Most people start to think about building a life after full time work when they think about leaving full time work forever. This used to be called retirement, but now a lot of people don’t think of themselves as ‘retiring’. They know they’re still fit and healthy and energetic and have a lot they want to do and a lot they can offer. These are the people we help to build Full Time Lives.

While an immediate surge of excitement is common for many people when they leave full time work, it often fades just as quickly. After the initial 'honeymoon' period, you can be left wondering what to do with the rest of your life. If people don’t start planning early then this can cause big problems - unhappiness, loss of identity, loneliness or depression. 

A recent study from the British Institute of Economic Affairs found retirement increased clinical depression by 40% and decreased the chances of someone self-assessing themselves with ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ health by 40%.

A growing social problem.

There are 5.6 million baby boomers in Australia and the first wave of them are now leaving their full-time jobs. Our boomers are fitter, healthier, wealthier and will live longer than any generation before them. If we don’t value them and keep them engaged in society then we’ll all lose out.

Our vision is an ecosystem that supports those with age, ambition and attitude to make a difference to their communities.

We work with businesses, individuals and others in our community to help people transition better to exciting and fulfilling lives after full-time paid work. We do this through courses, workshops, events and other collaborative endeavours.