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Full Time Lives hosted a roundtable discussion dinner with a diverse group of incredible social venture and business leaders.

The conversation weaved around how #purpose drives us and how each of us can play a role in changing the narrative of business culture to be more focused on humanity.

There were countless sound grabs that we wished we could have recorded but here’s a small selection of some of the most memorable and moving moments:

  • Tom Ferrier the CEO of Purposed shared his motivation for "making a difference by making things differently" after his beloved father passed away from cancer.
  • Toby Tester is on his personal journey of defining a meaningful life. Only a matter of days have passed since he came out of a 10 day silent meditation retreat. He has been struck by how the lack of introspection and silence in our modern lives (previously filled by churches, libraries and absence of perennial devices), which partly explains why mental illness is so high.
  • As a few in the room were corporate refugees now doing social impact work, cognitive dissonance in the corporate world is one reason why people of all ages leave for other opportunities that make them feel more fulfilled. Kat Dunn, CEO of Grameen Foundation, moved away from her more traditional career trajectory as a lawyer and funds structurer by overcoming her fear of failure and co-creating the F-OFF: Fear of Failure Forum.
  • We all have options - so it’s about making conscious decisions in our lives and roles as leaders as to how use technology to serve our purpose and society in a meaningful way. Tracey Middleton, Co-founder of Communiteer, believes that we can use tech to make an impact by creating a human-centric course to "exponential impact".  
  • Janne Ryan, cultural philanthropist and Ted conference coach, is seeing how digital is driving our communities to restructure through making and sharing stories.
  • There was a big question about where the nexus point between humanity and tech disruption sits. How experience and empathy remains important in making tech work for humanity instead of the other way around. We were left to ponder - how do we collectively harness it?
  • Richard Schutte, Customer-led Innovation Director at NAB, bowled us over throughout the night with detailed quotes from his latest readings including a few that we've listed below. We all want his memory and lateral thinking!

Cindy Lenferna de la Motte, CEO of Ikabo, summed up the evening brilliantly, ‘There were so many interesting insights. It was great to hear from everyone and clearly there is lots of support around Full Time Lives’.

Jake and Nat from Full Time Lives came away feeling energised that there is so much passion in our community around tackling the big issues. Perhaps it was fuelled by the French feast at Hubert’s but we felt there was a strong appetite for the crowd to keep connecting and exploring new ideas together.

Join us at our next thought leader roundtable vent on 13 June, 2018 where we will be discussing the importance of support crews for making their mid to late career transition.

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