Full Time Lives 2017 retrospective


With the new year upon us, now’s the time to prepare for a great year ahead by running a ‘retrospective’ on your past year. Retrospective meetings are commonly used by Agile software development teams, and increasingly other business areas, to reflect on a recent project or period of work and see if it could have been improved.

The spirit is of continuous improvement: a blame-free look back to capture ways of improving outcomes, team relationships, and/or the working environment.

We have designed the following questions to help you look at whether you are leading the ‘full time life’ that you want based on your experiences from your past year. Do you have all 5 areas of our approach covered? And is your life giving you all the fulfilment and connection that you desire in 2018?

When we asked ourselves these questions this is what we got out of it:

Our co-founder Nat has decided to focus more on ‘vitality’ and ‘brain’ in 2018. She’s signed up for her first tapdance class, started taking photography lessons from the one of the world’s greatest ever portrait photographers, Annie Leibovitz, and is brushing up on her French with her son so they can make their trip to France later in the year even more enjoyable. Watch out Moulin Rouge, here comes Nat!  

Jake, our other co-founder, has been feeling a little overwhelmed and overtired for the last few months with a full time job, a new baby and trying to grow Full Time Lives. So, he has decided to move to part time work and spend more time with little Zali as well as working on Full Time Lives. He’s also going to make more time for exercise in the great outdoors and try to practice his Spanish by preying on the goodwill and patience of his Spanish speaking friends and watching more Narcos!


We suggest you find a space where you will be uninterrupted for at least 30 mins to give you time to focus on thinking and planning.


  • What did you do last year that made you feel fulfilled, engaged and/or happier?
  • What did you do last year because you felt you should do it, rather than because you wanted to or needed to. Can you change how you feel about these obligations or cut any of these out of your life this year?


  • Who energised your senses or your brain or brought you joy this year? (individuals and/or groups of people).

  • Who gave you a strong sense of belonging, identity or self-worth? And how/where do you connect with them?


  • What did you do last year that made you feel better physically and emotionally?

  • What did you do that was fun, but also good for you?


  • What did you learn last year that you found really interesting?

  • What have you always wanted to do, or do more of, but never found the time for?


  • How did you spend money last year that made you happier, or your life better, for the long term (rather than short term gratification)?

  • Are there ways that you can generate new sources of income?

Once you have sketched out your responses to the questions above, share them with someone who will support you and might give you a new perspective on making your 2018 plan a reality.

Then, see if you can come up with three achievable ways to move closer to the life you really want this year. Let us know if this worked for you!

If you’d like further help on doing your retrospective and making your life more fulfilling, check out some of our upcoming programmes and events.

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