How did our purposeful side hustle event go?

Purposeful Side Hustle event

Well, we had a great time. And from the feedback we received afterwards it seems like it wasn’t just us! We were delighted that so many people got in touch and told us they met lots of friendly, interesting people and loved the raw, authenticity of our speakers.

A big thank you to the warm and wonderful folk at Ikabo who created a such a friendly, supportive atmosphere which infused the evening with  a great sense of purposeful collaboration.

It was our panelists though, that really inspired us. A big thank you to  Helen Simpson from Ikabo and Future Fit Families, Muneesh Wadhwa from Humanity in Business and Tracy Middleton from Communiteer. Our panel really spoke from the heart and gave us a true picture of what it’s like to create a side hustle that you really care about. Here's three pieces of wisdom (among many) shared by our panel and audience on purposeful side hustles:

  • It's very helpful to have a partner in crime to help you with your hustle. Try to find someone who balances your skills and abilities, but most importantly find someone who gives you energy and helps you to keep going because they are as passionate about your business as you are
  • Having a purposeful side hustle is energising and exciting but it's also a tough, busy balancing act. You need to make sure you look after yourself and prioritise self care otherwise you'll lose the drive and the energy you need.
  • It can be a tricky balance sometimes between purpose and profit when your purposeful baby grows up. You need to stay true to the reason you started the business, but don't completely lose sight of paying the bills either.

We hope that many people in the audience will use the insights they gained and the connections they made on the night to help them along the path to creating (or furthering) their own purposeful side hustles. If so, we'd love to hear from you!

Jake Waddell