Support crews for career transitioning

At one of Full Time Lives’ roundtable discussion dinners, we explored the topic of 'Support Crews for Career Transitioning’. Sheltering us from a cold winter’s night, the private dining area at the Paddo Inn provided convivial atmosphere, warming food and wine. The room was filled with great positive energy brought by the diverse guests who are at various stages of career transition. They were keen to hear other people’s stories as well as connect with new people they wouldn’t otherwise get to know through their existing professional or personal circles. 

Susan Kelly who has been leading teams of Business Analysts in financial institutions revealed that she balances out her big job by connecting with her interest and people outside work through her Instagram account. Since she started posting images of her beautiful crafty creations, she has built up a massive and growing support crew of over 3,300 followers based all around the world.  Some of those digital connections have extended to real world friendships for Susan and many have given her much appreciated support and encouragement over the years.

Amit Turkenitz shared his experiences of moving from Israel to Australia and changing industries and professions. He is currently building up his new business in family photography. He said that his wife has been extremely supportive throughout his changes and some close friends help him think through decisions.

Kelly Claudius talked about the value of being surrounded by her support crew as she is making in-roads on a number new endeavours. She has made career transitions before but has found this this time it's much easier. She is surrounded by a tight support network of professionals she respects, giving her a lot more certainty about the best steps forward to achieve her career goals.

Here’s some of the heartwarming feedback we received from our guests:

"I came away from the evening more forcefully reminded about finding one's passion". 

- Mark Lochtenberg

“I had a great time at the dinner. Was nice to meet a really interesting and diverse group of people”.

- Susan Kelly

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