‘Circle of giving’ roundtable discussion dinner

'Circle of GiVing Roundtable Discussion.jpg

Prior to the festive season, we hosted a roundtable discussion dinner on how to let go of the myth that you have to spend to give. Giving is a beautiful thing and it can be in the form of your skills, wisdom, creativity and time.

The attendees were people with a range of professional different backgrounds at various stages of life/career change. Sadly, many expressed how they felt 'underutilised' once they had left full-time work. This is one of the big social challenges we are trying to help overcome, along with reducing social isolation and the loss of purpose people often feel as they age.

There were plenty of lively discussions as we shared a meal in a lovely atmosphere, including:

  • Why contributing to the community is so important to a long, healthy, happy life

  • The Okinawan concept of a moai (small,lifelong emotional and financial support groups)

  • The role of a modern elder in the workplace and society

  • How we all benefit when experienced professionals are given the chance to make use of their skills and experience

  • How to create an intergenerationally diverse and inclusive workplace and community

Like many of the roundtable discussions we’ve hosted, we get such as a buzz out of the new ideas and projects that develop around the dinner table. Already, a bookclub and a new business idea for people interested in taking a sabbatical in Italy have germinated.

Let's see what else will happen as a result of the new connections in our Full Time Lives community.

Natalie Yan-Chatonsky