Longevity Lesson from Hong Kong

A daily dose of love & journaling can go a long way.


Narrowly beating residents of Japan and other ‘Blue Zones’ in recent years, the population in Hong Kong now has the highest life expectancy in the world. 

I was passing through HK after my study tour to Loma Linda, a Blue Zone in California, I took the opportunity to meet my 101 year old great grand-aunt for the first time. After general polite conversation I was delighted that she opened up about her love conquests including her current one. It was a great reminder that we all need to love & be loved. Finding love & deep connections once you leave work gets harder unless you have interests, activities & communities (or access to dating sites of course). 

In my great aunt’s case, she has a lively social life. She has a steady stream of younger visitors to her home after decades of music teaching & going to church. She also enjoys going to her seniors centre 3x a week where she gets to be active with others. 

Remarkably, no matter what, she’s been journaling daily her whole adult life and more recently has been using Facebook. After she showed me her latest musings handwritten in beautiful Chinese script, it inspired me to get back into journaling so I can also take daily stock of what I hope to be my 100 year life with a few love conquests too!

Natalie Yan-Chatonsky