Summer reading list


We love reading and know others in our community also have a thirst for learning and exploring new perspectives. Here's our curated list of classics, latest releases, fiction and non-fiction books - thanks to everyone who gave us their favourites!

Blue zones of happiness: discovering the secrets of the world's happiest places

by Dan Buettner

This is our favourite go-to book by the best-selling author and researcher Dan Buettner. It shares the secrets of some of the world’s happiest places including Denmark, Costa Rica, and Singapore. It inspired us to deepen our relationships with friends and family, build stronger communities around us and also increase the frequency of our social drinking!

Man's Search for Meaning

by Viktor E Frankl

This brilliant and easy-to-read book delves into finding meaning in life, despite suffering and adversity. Using his experience as a prisoner in concentration camps during the Holocaust, the author gives an honest account of his experience, enmeshed with his observations as a leading psychiatrist. He came to believe humankind's deepest desire is to search for meaning and purpose.

Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose

by Joe Biden

This book by the US Vice President chronicles the most momentous and challenging year in his life: the year after his eldest son was diagnosed with brain cancer. A story of how family and friendships sustain us and how hope, purpose, and action can guide us through the pain of personal loss into the light of a new future. Make sure you have a box of tissues at hand, even if you aren’t the crying type.

Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive

by David Bogan and Keith Davies

This Kindle version is an updated edition of the bestselling book from 25 years ago which suggests that retirement is an absurd concept in Australia. More than 10 million Australians will be over 65 by 2056 making the traditional idea of retirement economically unviable (and likely to kill you!). This hard-hitting look at the Western idea of retirement has case studies and a workable blueprint for changing your expectations and plans for the second half of your working life.

Rethink Your Career: In your 40s, 50s and 60s

by Joanna Maxwell

This is a guidebook by Australian thought-leader Joanna Maxwell who helps Australians of all ages and backgrounds feel they belong and have a way to contribute – and to flourish. It is filled with stories and interviews with people who have reinvented themselves. She also shares tips and exercises to help you work out how to retain all the benefits of your working life when transitioning away from full time work. These benefits include how to retain a sense of who we are because of what we do; structured days, weeks and months; socialisation; and a sense of usefulness by contributing in some way and engaging with the wider society.

Email us if you have any other recommendations and bookmark this page as we’ll refine the list over time.