Silver Mirror

Silver Mirror


Silver Mirror is a digital workbook that helps you make a smoother transition to a meaningful, active and happy life after full time work. It gives you information, tips, practical activities and discussion points to help you shape the life you want.

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Silver Mirror is based on our 5 Key Ingredients for Full Time Living. The content is based on hundreds of in-person interviews with people at various stages of leaving their full time jobs, as well as extensive desk research and discussions with experts in ageing, health and wellness, education, psychology, work and coaching. The workbook also incorporates the longevity lessons which Natalie learnt on her research trip to Okinawa and France. While there Natalie met a series of vibrant and long-living elders who passed on their tips and secrets to remaining healthy, happy and fulfilled VERY late in life.

Silver Mirror helps you understand which areas of your life could do with more attention as you transition to the next stage of your life. It gives you information, tools, tips and discussion points to help you transition seamlessly to a meaningful, active, happy life after full-time work.

Sample workbook pages

This is what people have said about Silver Mirror so far:

"Silver Mirror is really useful. It's easy to understand, but also very smart and well researched with lots of useful recommendations which I found very helpful. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

- Daena T., previously a full-time teacher.

“The quiz really makes you think, not just about retirement, but also about your future in general."

- Elizabeth D., recently retired Executive Assistant

“The content in Silver Mirror is very good. I would recommend it to people planning their transition."

- JenC., psychologist

How Silver Mirror works:

  1. Complete our quiz: 'How ready are you for life after full-time work?’ to help you identify which areas you should focus on as you plan your transition. 

    OR go straight to:

  2. The Silver Mirror e-workbook. It's a practical guide to help you make a smoother transition to a fulfilling, exciting life after full-time work. Read the topics that interest you, click through to the curated extra content and work through the activities. You can either print out the e-workbook or type into the digital file via the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  3. Discuss your plan and your learnings with your friends, family and others going through their transition in our private Full Time Lifers Facebook group.

You decide whether to have a 1-1 follow up with an experienced coach (not included in initial cost).

Don't like Silver Mirror after you buy? No problem, we'll refund your money.

We've made Silver Mirror to help people make a smoother transition to a happy, fulfilling, active life after full-time work. If you're not happy with it then we're not happy. We'll gladly give you your money back, all you'll need to do is tell us what you didn't like about it.