Mid-life Transition Programme

When you leave full time work, what will a normal week look like for you?

Many of us have grand plans for when we stop working full time. We might want to travel the world, start a new business, or spend more time with family and doing things we love. Most people think about how much money they need, but not many of us think through what we will do day-to-day. How will we fill our time with things that make us feel happy and fulfilled and valued?

It's not easy. For many people, making the transition from full-time work to Full Time Living takes a long time. That's ok. It’s a gradual process of adjustment and it's ok to try things out and make mistakes.

The people who adjust quicker, who feel happier and more fulfilled are those with a plan. A plan which doesn’t just look at how much money you need, but what your life will look like. Do you have a plan?

Our Transition Program is a comprehensive 4 week program to help you build a fulfilling, active, happy life after full time work. It can be delivered through a blend of face-to-face sessions and/or over the internet.

By the end of the program, you will:

  • Have clarity around what gives you a sense of purpose and belonging and makes you feel useful and valued

  • Understand the importance that mature people play in the wider community on a individual, social and economic level

  • Have started some incremental steps towards reshaping the next chapter of your life, considering:

    • The 5 key ingredients of Full Time Living

    • Discussion with your family/partner/friends

    • What energises and fulfils you

    • New opportunities and interests to explore

  • Gain the confidence and knowledge to start putting your intentions into action

  • Have a support network and resources to turn to for ongoing guidance

  • Be a part of a community of others also going through major changes who will support you on your journey

    Our next public programme will be held in Sydney in November, 2019.

    Contact us about a private programme for your staff, customers or professional members.