We help businesses be ‘future fit’

Organisations around the world are at risk of stunting their business growth by not addressing this century’s two key demographic and technological trends:

  • Digital transformation impacting the future of work

  • Longevity - a fit, healthy workforce that will work longer than previous generations.

One way of dramatically improving your organisation’s ‘future fitness’ is through developing an inclusive, intergenerational workforce. A diverse workforce helps you better understand and delight your customers. It also increases your potential for innovation, assisting you to retain your competitive edge.

Programmes which engage and motivate older employees are a key part of a successful strategy for a diverse workforce and have also been shown to:

  • Raise productivity

  • Lower regrettable attrition

  • Improve employee advocacy

  • Improve employee engagement

Human-centred design to attract, motivate and retain your top talent

At Full Time Lives we are passionate about developing career and retirement transition solutions which mutually benefit organisations and their employees. We have developed a series of peer-based workshops as well as an interactive digital product which help your staff find renewed meaning and purpose in life and work.

We can collaborate with your key stakeholders to co-design a calendar of activities and innovative, purpose-driven employee and customer programmes. We work with your most powerful advocates to help change perceptions and outdated stereotypes of older people to create positive role-models of the modern elder in your workplace.

Be a leader, and employer of choice, by tackling 21st century workforce challenges

Together with you, we will create a supportive community where your employees feel appreciated for their contribution across your business and wider community. We will highlight their importance as modern elders with strategic vision, experience, skills, deep corporate knowledge and invaluable networks.

We can help you to:

  1. Ensure that your diversity and inclusion strategy addresses the needs of all five generations of your workforce.

  2. Offer a wellbeing program that meets the changing needs of an important segment of your workforce that may currently be overlooked.

Contact us to organise an initial consultation to see how your organisation could kickstart its experienced employee workforce strategy.