We help businesses engage better with their ageing workforce or customers.

Our vision is to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem which helps those with age, ambition and attitude to make a difference to their communities.

Our population is ageing - this is an opportunity

There are 5.6 million baby boomers in Australia and the first wave of them are now leaving their full-time jobs. Most businesses don't engage very well with their older employees or customers: they don't understand them very well and use off-putting jargon and industry speak. Most marketing teams are focused on millennials and most HR teams are focused on gender diversity or LGBTIQ.

If you're the rare kind of business that's forward-thinking and looking at the opportunities our ageing population offers then we can help you. We can draw on our experience and qualitative research to:

  • Position your organisation as a thought-leader or innovator in the fields of ‘ageing' or 'retirement’ with your customers

  • Retain your most valued, experienced employees

  • Connect you to organisations with similar goals including companies and not-for-profits (NFPs)

  • Help you find skilled, mature professionals that want to give back to their communities.

We offer:

  • Workshops, programs or information sessions to help your customers and employees who are transitioning away from their full-time careers

  • Briefing sessions for your product, marketing or executive teams on the needs and wants of people 50+

  • Creation of bespoke marketing material or content for your mature employees and/or customers

  • Brand research or marketing campaign feedback from our community

  • Research, validate and map out the customer journey for your pre-retiree target market

  • Lunch and learn seminars

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